Fidelio Farm activity started in 2006 in Sibiu as an importer and distributor of drugs and parapharmaceuticals. Fidelio Farm identifies itself as one of the most important distributors of radiopharmaceuticals.

The experience gained during the 13 years of experience has led to the increase of the turnover from year to year as well as to the consolidation of the relations with the clients. In view of the many changes in the pharmaceutical market over the years, Fidelio Farm has resisted due to its seriousness and loyalty in relations with suppliers and customers.

Fidelio Farm currently identifies itself as a large family in which about 30 members live and work, all having in common the satisfaction of the client’s needs, placing the first time the insurance of medicines in the detriment of material profitability.


• 2006 – Formation

Fidelio Farm is set up by renting a space in Sibiu with a central warehouse destination.

• 2007 – Quality

Fidelio Farm is ISO 9001: 2001 certified for its quality management system in the field of “import and distribution of medicines and sanitary materials” by SYSCERT.

• 2008 –  Special needs

In support of providing oncology patients access to a state-of-the-art diagnosis through the PET_CT centers of excellence, Fidelio Farm takes the necessary steps and obtains the specific authorizations from the National Medicines Agency (ANM) and CNCAN for the delivery of FDG short-lived products (FLUDEXIGLUCOZA).

• 2010 – Own products

It is obtained as an APP holder the approval from the ANM for the radiopharmaceutical product FID-F (FLUDEXIGLUCOZA, FDG).

• 2013-2014 – Recertification

Recertification of the quality management system in accordance with the new ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Authorization by the “Ungargian Atomic Energy Authority” for the transport of radiopharmaceuticals on the territory of Hungary.

• 2015-2017 – Development

Partner within the Horia Hulusbei Institute cluster – through the project “Development of radiopharmaceuticals with specific targeting, peptides – receptors for PET molecular imaging and systematic radiotherapy”.
Start of the project regarding the construction of the Fidelio Farm own warehouse.

• 2018-2019 – New own products

Approval by ANM as holder of APP – Fidelio Farm for FID-MIBI product intended for heart scintigraphies. Approval by ANM as owner of APP – Fidelio Farm for FID-NA-131I – for iodine therapy


The team - The management group

It is made up of professionals with experience in the pharmaceutical field

Engineer Filip Doru – Administrator

Dr. Spataru Bogdan – Dir. Marketing / Sales

Ec. Filip Mioara – Dir. Economic

Farm. Soima Adriana – Farm. Chief, Regulatory Specialist

Ing Soima Adrian – Dir. Transport